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2017 marks the 10th anniversary of our band. You can not believe how thankful we are for all the wonderful experiences we made, for all the great places we visited, for the thousends of kilometres in the van, hours of waiting at borders, for the good talks, laughs and all this tasty food, for the moments boredom and the joy. And for all these amazing people we meet and who became friends with over these 10 years. Finisterre would not be the same without you. Thank you!


released July 25, 2017

Recorded at Pizzatone Studio (Köln) in February 2017.
Mixed and mastered by Tonmeisterei.

Released by CONTRASZT! REC. in August 2017.
300x lemon-coloured Vinyl
700x black Vinyl.

Available here or through CONTRASZT! REC.




finisterre Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: Never Stop Your Anger
I am angry, when I think about you oppressing me. your ideology – the racist and sexist piece of shit you are. so fucking furious, when you teach me to feel weak and small - your normativity concerning norms and behaviours in which we stuck so enormously deep. and blame myself for what ever happened to me - this time it´s been me, but they meant all of us. I am so angry on the repressive structures when my rage turns into action, when my heart beats for rebellion and protest. on the war inside of me and outside in this world - on my inner prison and the prison structures in this world. never stop my healing anger,
take my impulsivness as a revenge to break free of this patterns which are projected on me. to protect me? to resurrect me? there´s no shelter in terms of abusing power. no protection - just contradiction. feel my burning rage
cause i disagree - I will not accept - I disagree - I do not accept!
Track Name: Twist & Turn
push the body to the limits. figure out how far you can go. push the energy of that (human) body – your body. how far can you go? this energy is at most limitless. push the body and hold the tension. it´s not about body – it´s about mind. let them cut your skin. let them drink your blood. let them create you - manipulate you. it will push you to the limits, limits that you never could imagine. Feel the limits - hold the tension. no limits – high tension. take it as an introduction, (a) mirror, (a) description, to show through your public limits, how far society is willing to go, while actually we ourselves don´t instruct anything.
Track Name: Hungry Heart
what is freedom for a hungry heart? what does it mean for the hungry heart? tell me the truth for your hungry heart! is freedom still a battle cry? or just a managing act to turn your own biography into a training camp for your personal succes. what is power for a hungry heart? what does it mean for the hungry heart? tell me the consequences for my hungry heart! a decay of personal and collective structures and idealism, which transforms the public spirit into selfishness and stubborness into adaptability. honestly, the so called individuality becomes a state of compliance, a deception on your own trust and the trust in others . it´s a fucking lie! ok, so life just turns out into a lie! a fallacy? yes! into a fucking lie! into a lie! that´s why my cursive letters turn into knives. if this is your last point of view, this is my last heartbeat! it´s a fucking lie!
Track Name: No Love Left Behind
when night falls, all the little moments arise. desillusioned, with an empty view and no perspective. a life of full isolation, where friendship is made of. no love left behind. days are passing by, while starring at nothing. the face broken by distress, the body tensed. pain couches everywhere, watching people fading into shades. remaining silence loudly, speaking without words. see through wet eyes, bloody hands, no heartstrings left. lick it, inhale it, take some more, push it in your veins. forget everything for a single wink. this holy moment. rest. misstrust everything, leave everything behind. close your eyes. lick it, inhale it, take some more. push it in your veins. forget everything for a single wink. this holy moment. my heart - in flames. close your eyes. make it stop. it will never stop.
Track Name: A Wasting Disease
a racist society creates paranoia – which turns into a wasting desease. insufficient comittement, that seperates me from my own convictions. I can´t trust - no! I can´t touch - no! your blood - on my hands, my breath - just a lie. their blood is on your hands and your promise - a lie. torture and destruction – the result of structural violence. political beliefs get exploited for racist agitation. for my safety?! no! for your safety?! no! to justify more police forces and even more state surveillance, conterrevolutionary and reactionary. fucking white guilt - supremacy shit. oppose the ruling logic and alienation, disbelieve in objective analysis, create spaces against resignation and fight for shelter. a wasting desease, insufficient commitment. their blood is on your hands and your promise is just lie. cause victory won`t go to those who inflict the (most) suffering, but to those who survive, who survive.
Track Name: Fibre
re-establishing old patterns, to consolidate the own status. stop commenting. stop pretending. start acting and changing. start act(ing). and do not forget, change starts within you - your narrowness, your lifestyle - start act(ing).
it´s not enough to gender language, it´s necessary to change thoughts. self-reflection - self-connection. inner process, inner struggle, with your fears, your heart. no answer. what´s your personal objective? your wish? your feeling?
so I gonna ask you now, what´s your central benchmark of political subjectivity?
uncovering, revealing and fighting against conditions & institutions...fighting against!
Track Name: Crucial Times
far out the first morning light dilutes the luscious jet-black of the sky. it´s the moment where yesterday turns into tomorrow and there´s no today for a while. that moment, which is most dreaded by the sleepless. my face feels too tight, I palpate a mien which I do not recognize, an ugly grin, which is terrifying me, which does not belong to me. my voice dies away, words not made to say. my voice dies away, not worth to understand. my voice dies away and nobody ever hears my cry. the fear of getting perished of yourself is my constant companion.
it poisons me from the inside of my rotten point, but nobody ever hears my cry...
Track Name: Heaven Is Wasted On The Dead
words in revolt to release my belief, distances me from the life I live. the air I breath, the dreams I dream, life is on the line – on the edge. my redeeming moments, arises, kills and regrets - but slowly takes posession. do I value myself more than my terrors? that your silence does not protect you - does not regret you. what difference does it make. stop dreaming as a crime against reality. start acting to create anarchy. to bond the moments together - the past, the present, the future. this is the difference that it makes.

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